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Water Bong Facts and Tips for Beginners

When it comes to water pipes or bongs, they come in glass materials. A lot of people get confused by the structure of water bongs the first time they see it, especially glass bongs for sale. However, in reality, despite their complicated structure, they are actually very easy and simple to use. Water bongs function by cooling and filtering the smoke that you take in for a more enjoyable and smooth experience. Using glass filters has been proven to be the smoothest, healthiest, and cleanest techniques of smoking a variety of products like tobacco. Of course, what also makes them a great product will be how easy it is to clean them. View here for more water bong facts and tips for beginners such as yourself.

One of the things that you need to know about water bongs before you buy and use them is their parts. Even if water bongs are very easy to use, they remain sophisticated devices for beginners. They comprise various parts to work in harmony. You can make the most of your water bong when you know how each part works.

At the end of the tube of your water bong, you will find an opening there, and you call it your mouthpiece. This part is where you place your mouth. As you position your mouth on the inhale hole, make sure to put your lips inside and not over the hole. Make sure to purse your lips slightly and force them into the hole gently so the outside portion of your lips will create an airtight seal. The chamber, on the other hand, functions as a place where smoke accumulates for you to inhale. Smoking with the use of a water bong requires two processes. The first step involves filling the chamber with smoke followed at the end with a quick inhale to clear the smoke.

To hold your smoking material, you have the so-called bowl or slide. This part also goes by the name of a slide because before you can inhale the smoke from the smoke chamber, you need to remove it from the down stem of the bong. What connects the bottom of the slide to the water at the bottom of the bong is a small tube you call a down stem. This part can be a simple tube or a defused tube. For smoke to get into the water, smoke must travel through the down stem first. Some water bongs don’t include a down stem. For these water bongs, they instead have a glass tube leading beginning from the slide and going into the chamber. So that your water bong will work just fine, you should make sure that the water is higher than the down stem. Also, some water bongs for sale come with a carb part. As you light your slide, you should cover it and only uncover it when you are ready to inhale the smoke.

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